Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turkey Talk!

Thanksgiving, 2010. For Americans it's a big deal, one fo the few times they get to make a four day weekend out of public holidays - it's a longer break than Christmas. And from all the movies/books we've been exposed to, yes, everyone really does try and get home for the holidays.

So when M married K, we really felt for her being here for this important holiday, and so offered to host her very own Thanksgiving dinner at our new place. She and another good American friend L did the planning and organizing with a few chirps from me! It was meticulously planned - everyone contributed money to the turkeys, brought traditional sides and puddings and that was it.

So, the first part looked like this -

So this is us...the morning of Thanksgiving, K, L (the true Americanas) and I, prepping the turkeys we'd been defrosting for two days. Can you tell how smelly they were - classic photos! But they really were smelling disgusting. We phoned Braveheart's father later in the day and got him to come and smell them as they came out the oven, and thankfully our nightmares of having to go out and buy cooked chickens melted away! They were perfect!

Next installment tomorrow!

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