Friday, December 24, 2010

Stockings for Santa

Just in the nick of time, with all but two days to spare, I managed to finish quilting these stockings for the boys. And I am quite proud of myself for actually seeing this project through to the end, and accomplishing something I have been desiring to do for almost a whole year! The boys are thrilled, which makes me more than happy too!

Sadly my boys and my little girl have not been well this week - they boys have had a nasty tummy bug, which Belle seemed to catch  (for only one night though). The boys have yet to shake it completely, and they have been very floppy ( I've never seen them just lay on the couch all day!) and lacking any appetite whatsoever  - I'm hoping that by the time they wake up tomorrow that will be full of beans again!

Christmas Eve, and the kids were in bed by 6 - does that give you an indication of just how unwell they are? Poor little people. Tomorrow, we're having all the family (Braveheart's and some of my extended family) around for lunch tomorrow...

May your Christmas be awesome!

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