Thursday, December 16, 2010

Threatening Thunderstorms

OK. We are going camping today - on the foothills of the Cedarberg Mountains, on a lovely organic mango farm, right next to a river. Sounds idyllic huh? Only here's the thing:

  1. The weather forecast for that area suggests that there is a 60% chance of thunderstorms occurring today. On one hand, it's been so long since I experienced a real thunderstorm (as opposed to Cape Town's insipid rainfall) I'm excited. Thunder. Lightning. Heavy rain. Might even get to smell the rain! On the other hand, can you imagine trying to put up a tent in the rain? Should make for some amusing pictures! Look at filled with a tangible feeling of nervous dread!

Can you just imagine this - no dry ground/clothes/bedding....

Not quite the camping trip I had in mind

    2.   We had a shocking night's sleep - Belle was complaining of ear ache and a sore throat, so                  Braveheart and I were like yo-yo's all night.

    3.    In the wee hours of this morning (you know the ones where your slumber is at it's deepest ESPECIALLY after preceeding intermittent sleep) King Arthur woke with bad croup. It's been ages since he had his last attack. Now here's the thing. I am a 100% believer in Pre-flam for this condition, but I don't have any at the moment. This is going to require a very sweet phone call to my gp quite far from me (who only sees babies and children and whom I respect and love) to get a script faxed to a pharmacy near me. If I can't raise her on this South African public holiday, I shall have to resort to the medical practice nearest me who, last time I visited them, told me I was being a shocking mother (truly, I kid you not. Hence my vow that I shall never return - can anyone recommend an adult doctor to me?).

   4.    I haven't packed a thing!
Ho-hum. Best I go and make some tea and get cracking! Have a great long weekend!

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