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My inside story of why I've chosen to homeschool my kids

I guess you could say I'm an oxymoron - a lady of contrasts. Ever since I was 6 I have wanted to be a teacher- I would subject my poor brother to endless games of 'school' where I played teacher and forced him to pretend to read, add and mark his work. My father was amused initially when I stuck to my decision to teach in spite of the fact that there was no money in it, and then horrified when he realized I was serious! I went to university, studied education and voila! I was a qualified English and Geography High School teacher. I taught my heart out for four years, and absolutely loved it: I loved the interactions with my pupils (I dig teenagers), loved the preparation, and yes, even loved the marking!

I left teaching to travel with my husband to South Korea for almost a year, and had my first child there. At the end of that year, we relocated from Zimbabwe to Cape Town, and I became a stay at home mom, and our family grew again and again (I now have three children).

However, over the last 18months (its now May 2010), I have felt prompted to look into homeschooling, and started researching it, and as I did so, I became more and more convinced that this was what was right for my eldest son (who is now 5 and a half) for Grade 1. So here I am, a teacher, someone passionate about school, choosing to take my child out of school to educate him at home. My research has shaken the foundations of all that I thought I trusted about education in schools. (And scroll down for a more recent update)
So read on - these links are to posts I've written (keeping checking back for more!).

Reasons for Homeschooling
“Aah,” I hear you sigh. “But what about ...” and the list begins. Allow me to dispel some of those myths – 
And here are some of the things I won't miss – the morning rush (read yelling), the packing of lunch boxes, keeping up with the 'Jones', the first week of school being a killer in terms of attitude and manners etc. and the first week of holidays having frayed exahsuted children (trust me, even nursery school does this to kids!), endless running to and fro all afternoon with co-curricular activities and then trying to cram in homework, endless fund raisers.
And I like to be honest. So before you think I am a saint, let me share some of the things I will miss (and please note, as I have not yet started homeschooling, this list is likely to grow or change as we do!) (if you're not sure why we're doing that, um, email me and I'll fill you in!) : –
mornings to myself with a quiet house!
healthy competitions exposure to all kinds of sport Update February, 2011 As I sit here to write an update, I am more convinced than ever, that we can only each follow what God leads us to do, and the grace he gives each of us. Over the last few months, as I have written this blog, and embarked on my own journey as a homeschool-er, I have learnt some things. There is a grace I believe given to some mothers, who mother more naturally than others. There is a grace given to some, that enables them to have their children around them all the time. There is a grace, that is different for all of us. Whilst I do have my own opinions on working moms, I also see from my own life, that I cannot expect them to do what I do, in the same way that I cannot mother like some of the nurturing mothers I know. That doesn't mean I don't want to learn how to nurture more - it just means I am relying heavily on grace to teach me.... May grace lead you and find you right where you are....