Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Surly South Easter


South Easters drive me to distraction.

You would think that by now I would have come to terms that I live in a coastal city at the edge of a continent and that in fact, to be more precise, I live in deep south of said city, and furthermore, in a valley between two oceans. So really, I should be comfortable with the fact that the wind howls.

But seriously. It has blown non-stop for close on three days and I'm enough already!

Today we attempted to make the most of the day in spite of the wind. In his first upright day, Braveheart felt to use the day to take the boys on a date - so off he took them to Ratanga Junction. They had a blast, spent the whole day there, and went on all the kiddie rides. Thankfully Braveheart just watched as I think doing any of them might have sent him over the edge given how he's been feeling! The boys had an awesome day with their dad, and I think they are positively glowing having spent such a special date treat with him

And me? ... I escaped the wind and took Belle to the Two Oceans Aquarium. It's funny how seasons go - when we first moved to Cape Town we were amazed by the aquarium (especially having been land locked Zimbabweans!) - and the fact that you could buy a year pass that was the same price as one entry (that was a few years ago - I was shocked today at the difference in prices! I still think a year's pass is worth it. Belle was free!). Back then, we bought year passes for our family, and in those first years any time the weather turned nasty we were there! I love how they have crafts for the kids, and they really try and change exhibits to keep things interesting.

But times change, seasons are different - and Belle had never been. So as our special date, off we went. It was STUNNING weather at the waterfront - a little windy but  nothing like the howling gale on this side of Cape Town. And it was precious. She loved it. I tried to take photos, but she could not stand still - she just kept running around. Her best was the tank of clown fish - and the sharks. To top of her date once we were home again, I played trains with her - she clearly has two older brothers!

As I write this I wonder if it will turn into a Black south easter - certainly has the potential. I truly wonder if I will ever make peace with the wind....

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