Thursday, December 9, 2010

The End of An Era

Tomorrow will be King Arthur's last day at pre-school, and as this week has worn on I am thankful the holidays are nearing! The nature of a term takes its toll on them (they get tired, irritable and ratty), and on me (all the rehearsals, end of term dinners and concerts etc). I am one of those who can't wait for the holidays - I love having no where to go and nothing to do and the quality time it gives me with my children - roll on homeschooling!!! And for those of you in mainstream schooling  - no wonder December holidays are the longest!

We did manage to snatch some moments at the beach yesterday - pure bliss!

Seaforth beach - protected from the South Easter
and gloriously clear water! Not too crowded either.
I avoid summer crowded beaches and find all the
less travelled spots.

Today we spent making home made gifts for their teachers -

I kept the insides of last year's advent calendars
and so this year can make Christmas moulded
chocolates - a  lovely gift when wrapped nicely!

Aragorn wanted to paint a card for his teacher
and Belle was delighted with this!

Don't you just love the hat?! King Arthur
chose to make a chocolate cake for his teacher.

And he drew his own card which included this inscription:
"Noc Noc. Opin thedoorandfindout...
A bee in tree"
It's one of his jokes that is cracking him up!

Happy Holidays!

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