Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Camping by Camera

So we arrived in the the rain! And I swear that the rain
was ONLY falling in this valley where we were camping -
a fine mist was over everything else.

We kept the kids in the car for as long as we could while we put up the gazebo
...and then let them loose so that they could use some of their pent up energy.

Can you see the steady rain? And for those people already there - this was day 2 of
solid rain! My rain jacket was useless!!!! Good to know now that it is NOT
waterproof, depsite the K-Way label :(

Home sweet home...for a few days!

 The mud proved to be an awesome play area for our kids -
can you believe I do not like dirt? But I do like camping! Odd hey?

 Hiking through the streams

 Belle was carried mostly - how I wish we'd fitted in the backpack!

Belle and Braveheart

 Chongololos! At least that's what Zimbabweans call millipedes.
In Zim they're this size but a deep dark black colour

 The campsite is home to this lovely swimming pool along the river

 We camped along the river - and had to drive/walk
across this lovely stream often.

 This was right beneath our camp -stunning!

 King Arthur pretending to be swept away by the rapids!

Campfire and roasting marshmallows

 Playing inside the tent

 Building a mudcastle

 Hiking along the hilltop, camp below us

 We found a beautiful secluded waterhole to swim in which was so lovely -
had it all to ourselves as well!

 Belle and I

Loving time with their dad!


  1. We're going camping in Jan on an organic farm in the Cedarberg called Jamaka-is this where you guys went? Looks awesome!!!

  2. It's the one! I'm so excited for you - you're sure to have a blast - think we should take the homeschool crowd there one day. Enjoy it! If you have any questions feel free to ask - we were in camp site 16 by the way!