Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Like a Child

Braveheart and I happen to be Third Day fans, and this song spoke volumes to me during Christmas of 2006. Christmas can be such a tricky time trying to balance our expectations, and those others have of us, as well of all the 'adult' responsibilities we pick up along the way. I love being reminded that there is an innocence, a beauty, a simplicity to this season that has been robbed from us....but if we will stop a while, and look again, with fresh eyes, this season can be significant again.

And for the children are making this season so special - their enthusiasm is contagious!

Merry Christmas y'all!

Third Day - Christmas Like A Child - Christmas Offerings

I want to feel Christmas, how it used to be
With all of its wonder falling on me
This season has felt so empty, oh for quite a while
I want to feel Christmas like a child

I want to see snowflakes fall to the ground
My brothers and sisters all gathered around
Singing "Away In A Manager" as we sit by the fire
I want to feel Christmas like a child

It's been so long now, I can't say
Just when I lost my way
But I'm going back to how it was
When this day meant everything
And we spent our time remembering
The baby Child born for us

It's all about Jesus, asleep in the straw
This infant, this King, this Savior for all

So I don't need bells to be ringing
'Cause I'll join with angels singing
And I can feel Christmas like a child
I want to feel Christmas like a child..

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