Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Silent Shadows

Hello there -yes. I'm talking to you. And you. And you!

Today I learnt that more people than I thought read this blog. People whom I never thought would find the musings of my mind interesting. But, it turns out, You do!

And I feel strangely ...


Peel off a layer ...


And another one ...


And I'm not really sure why,  if I pause and analyse it.

But analyse it I am ... and I wonder if knowing your audience makes you alter what it is that you want to say?

And there's a part that also tickles me. Like wow! People read my blog! Apart from two committed followers!

I'm shaken because like you, I too am a silent stalker on blogs. I don't really comment. I read some blogs regularly, but seldom take the extra effort to comment.

But knowing that there are silent shadows to this blog is ...

a privilege.

So ... thank you.

For reading and choosing to connect with me in the safety of silent cyberspace.


  1. Hi Katharine!
    You are one of the people I KNOW read by blog - but the hello is appreciated :) :)
    x x x

  2. :-) Yes, there are always many more than the comments suggest. I love your blog.

    Happy New Year my friend.