Thursday, December 2, 2010


I cannot get this text to go above this photo which is driving me dilly, but anyway! So, after creating one massive table for the 18 adults, and two smaller tables for the 10 children, the festivities began! There were only about 6 South Africans (if you can call us that, let's rather just say Africans!). Some of the Americans brought turkey decorations and serviettes which made it feel a little more Thanksgiving-ish.

And this is the food! Everyone had brought their favorite side dish for Thanksgiving
and may I add that they were ALL delicious! 

One of the kiddies tables - King Arthur, Aragorn and Belle joined by a friend


The thankful guests! One thing that just amused me greatly was
that no one seemed particularly fussed about the turkey - it's
the sides that appear to be everyone's favorite!

I was continually thankful for the blessing of this house.
It absorbed people - everyone melted into the rooms they felt most comfortable
in - here are some kids doing some Thanksgiving
colouring-in in the inside/outside room.

Some kids (and an adult!) watching a dvd towards the end of the day

Adults having fun on the trampoline

Pudding time! Awesome deserts - my apple pie rocked,
will have to post a recipe!

Outside time!

And to round off the evening for the kids we did sparklers,
although in Cape Town how can one wait for dark?!
Isn't Belle just gorgeous?!
So there you have it! I'll post the recipes - delicious food and fun to celebrate something else from another culture. Such lovely people too, with incredible callings on their lives - more to come on that too!

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