Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Our weekend began with a bit of drama - Belle fell into a lake late Friday afternoon. A friend and I had taken a walk, kids ensemble, and the three of mine were pretending to fish off the end of a jetty, when Belle must have lost her balance and fell in head first. I was right there - on the jetty, but it seemed to take me forever to get myself  to her floating, but submerged body. Her eyes were open the whole time, frozen with fear, and she just kept watching me. I pulled her out, and had the thought as I was doing so - "I don't know how to do CPR, I hope she starts breathing". I whacked her onto the jetty which caused her to splutter and start crying.

King Arthur remained calm, cool and collected throughout this (just like his dad), but Aragorn just dissolved. He was sobbing from the moment she fell in till long after she had had a bath and was wrapped up snug. Belle herself only wanted to call her dad at work and tell him how wet she was and that she went under (which was very precious to see - except when she heard her dad's voice she dissolved into tears and Braveheart couldn't make head or tale of what was going on! It opened up so many discussions that night - all about drowning, swimming lessons etc.

a blink of an eye....that's all it takes. Sobering.

We celebrated a friend's 30th; I interviewed some domestic help; had a movie night with the kids; did a one and a half hour spinning class which was awesome; and went on a lovely Sunday afternoon stroll with my dear friend J and her kids.

This was the river walk at Silvermine - we cleverly dropped one car at the top, another at the bottom, and walked from the top to the bottom (thinking gravity would help those little legs!). What did help was the marshmallows given out at every rest stop! (Yes, King Arthur has one stuck to his forehead, not sure why my children love doing that!).

A lovely, somewhat different, weekend!


  1. oh man, what a terrifying start to the weekend! I havent done a first aid course either - maybe we should do one together SOON! Very happy the rest of the weekend went off seemlessly with lots of good family/friend time. :-)

  2. Glad Belle is okay, it must have been scary. Warm weather is on its way, so let the children be in the water as much as possible, swimming like all learning will happy in the blink of an eye when they are ready! Your Silvermine walk looks awesome.
    Love to you Shell

  3. Wow what a weekend! So glad Belle was ok!! Love you