Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heart Gripping

This boy, Damian McGinty, was 14 (can you believe it?) when he performed this song in a show called Celtic Thunder. When Braveheart saw this, he said "A good song cripples me", and it literally rendered the rest of his day somewhat unproductive. He has played it over and over (along with some other Celtic Thunder songs) - so that the boys can now sing it (and others!) word for word.

This song undid me in other ways. It reduced me to tears because of the desire it unleashed within me and the thoughts it provoked. I desire, with all my heart, for my children to be really good at something. I don't want them to have mediocre lives, and I want them to soar.

I believe we have all been given gifts, and talents, many of which go unnoticed.  Am I paying my kids enough attention to realize when they are gifted? To realize what their strengths are? Do I trust God to show me?

I want to fan into flame the giftings God has given my children.

Lord show us how.

1 comment:

  1. How Awesome is that boys talent, wow!!
    I think many talents and gifts go unnoticed/unnutured because they are not what the world places importance on...Lord help us mommies to nuture ALL the gifts you have given our children!
    Thanks Karen for your insight. Love you friend Shell