Monday, August 16, 2010

Home Decor

As promised (ages ago!) I have uploaded photos from Belle's room - there's just one wall awaiting some photos, but otherwise it's finished and I am pleased!

So I purchased the material for the boards from Global Textiles, Main Road, Fishoek, R75 for 10 blocks. Then went to Birchwoods in Fish Eagle park (um....might actually be Heron park - the first one along the Kommetjie Road!) and got FREE off cuts of wood to make the frame. The men who work there were very sweet, they even cut it for me (for a small donation of their time) to my exact measurements. Braveheart then did a bit of carpentry, and made 9 frames for me.

The tricky part was that some of the frames had text on them, which overlapped on the frames so had to sew each of them onto white polycotton so I could stretch them over the frames. It took a while to get them to stretch well over the frames - using a staple gun and my wee hands but I managed. And she loves them!

I recovered this lamp shade as well (tip for the future  - line up your seam with their seam, not just wherever you want it!), and made a cover for her um....'stop-falling-out-of-bed thing' out of stretch lace with these cute dragonflies on it. Not sure if it's clear or not. Now, if I were a more seasoned blogger you can be sure I would have taken step by step photos of everything I did, but alas, you'll just have to trust me!

am still wondering whether to decoupage the table or not....but it's done!


  1. Gorgeous!!!!! So proud of you!!!! See you are an incredible home maker!!!!!

  2. wowowowowow. this is not a side of you I have seen before...the girl is bringing out your inner-girl!

    fyi - i deleted your comment on my blog purely cos you used Hooli's real name! But please come back and comment again sooooon! :-)

  3. Absolutely a girl's heaven! Well done!

  4. Lucky little girl - that rooms lovely!