Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday Belle

The house is quiet. The kids are sleeping over at my in-laws - praise God for grandparents! Having them move here has changed my life! (I hope to remember this when I too am a granny). And so these quiet few hours have enabled me to upload photos, play a bit on Picasa, and deliver something to you ... And I got to sleep in!

Last weekend (a late post hey?:)) was Belle's second birthday. My princess. She had a 'small people' birthday tea for little people her age - all 5 little people were the third born - how weird is that?!

I love this cheesy grin!

Then we had family round on her actual birthday for another celebration - this is the only year birthday i do not have a picture of the cake - third child I tell you! It was a pretty cake -Braveheart's request - I was going down the Winnie the Pooh route, but given where my mind has been at, I just couldn't quite muster the energy!

First and second cousins

 She knew exactly what presents were, and was not in the slightest bit overwhelmed by friends or family unlike the boys at this age. She loved blowing out her candles, but if we talk about it now, she keeps saying "hot, hot!" as she got her head a wee bit too close to the flames! If you sing happy birthday to her, she'll promptly blow out imaginary candles! 

Belle is a home body - she loves her babies, her (new) stove and mixing and baking.
her brothers getting in on the action!

I, for the record, am LOVING having a little girl, much more than I ever thought I would. And for that, I am most deeply thankful. I think I am even more thankful that every now and again, completely unprompted, this little girl runs to me and plants a kiss on my lips, and asks to give me a 'ug'. Thanks for changing my heart Father, and giving me my own miracle in knew exactly how to melt my heart.

She looks like a marshmallow in this gown!

I love you Belle.

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  1. Happy birthday precious girl! This post made me cry! God is good! His timing is perfect! He knew you needed a little girl last!!! Love you special friend!