Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Wanderings in Wonderful Weather

We've been enjoying the wonderful winter (can we even call it that?) weather the last two weekends - this has honestly been the best winter I can remember since moving to Cape Town 5 years ago.

Last weekend we ventured along the catwalk between St James and Muizenberg, the boys did really well, not too much complaining. Have a feeling that Belle would much rather have walked the whole way on her own, but we would never have made it anywhere if that was the case!

Yesterday we ventured out for a hike. We parked in the car park on the left side of Ou Kaapse Weg, and ventured towards the waterfall, but then changed our mind and climbed to the top of Steenberg peak. Yes we did! It was good, except my mood could have been better - think I needed time out! We found a lovely rock we dubbed 'pillar' rock to have our first break at, and then found this super cave at the top of the peak, an awesome place for our picnic. The paths were well marked and relatively easy - Belle climbed herself except for the last steep part.

This afternoon we had a little wander on Noordhoek beach, climbing the sand dunes.

A perfect outside weekend just for me!


  1. Lovely family times - hasnt winter been kind this year. It is also the best winter I remember and I grew up here!!

    Please remember to tell me *exactly* where this walk is....or we could all do it together one weekend? :-)

  2. Great to meet you - over from Mel's. So great to have all those beautiful places to walk in CT. Will pop in again.