Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ensuing debate

Funnily enough, Braveheart read my post about the Dinosaur Debate, and it has brought up all kinds of things! he was astonished at my ability to categorically hold to the belief that the world is young in age, he's open to it being older, and I fundamentally cannot subscribe to a belief that says it is!

So off I went to the Creation Ministries site, typed in age of the earth, and was rewarded with endless articles. I've included a few here if you've got the time to read them!

  • Questions and Answers on the Age of the Earth: endless links to read! Click here and then follow whatever takes your fancy
  • This is an email written and answered by someone who is genuinely questioning the age of the earth. At it's heart is the question of how reliable the Bible is. Click here
  • This is a book review - The Dating Game - this is how evolutionists categorically state the Earth is old - is it really?
Needless to say I sense a lot of heated discussions between Braveheart and I coming on - neither of us likes being 'wrong'!

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