Friday, August 20, 2010

Pen down....

... fingers are still. Yip, it's true, I AM FINISHED! I came up with this brainwave last night as to how I can finish my part of the book without input from the other half, and came up with a brilliant (if I don't say so myself) bit of direction for Braveheart, who as the creator of Bokkie also has to do a bit of writing. So I can well and truly dust my hands, put away all rugby material, rest my fingers, and welcome back my beautfiul brain. I've missed you dear fellow!

When I woke this morning I had this beautfiul feeling of space in my head: rooms that for a good few weeks have been occupied with clutter are now empty and free. Thoughts were a-tumbling all around me with regards to all the things I want to write about - discourses I've been having for weeks with myself unable to find the time or the energy to commit them to paper.  Alas, a phone call a few moments ago has shattered that serenity. Funny how when you desire something intensely, and are then offered that thing you think you want, the reality of attaining that thing can make you realise in a flash that you really didn't need it as much as you thought you did. Now what to do? What to do?! I seriously need a good dose of wisdom, insight and some very clear discernment. How's that for  a very cryptic insight?

The's continuing, so that's the only thing that is till lingering, but in my head, I'm relocating it to a smaller, more manageable room - I have to, for sanity's sake! And I must be doing something right if he keeps coming back right? And it's getting somewhat clearer in my head. The part I'm enjoying most is actually 'getting' weather - the science part, for the first time ever. For example - I now get why there is a band of cloud over Ou Kaapse Weg sometimes, and that when you get to the top it's a clear beautiful day. My friends, that is a temperature inversion - a layer of stable air sitting on a layer of unstable air (the band of clouds) preventing the unstable air (the air with moisture in it, the clouds) from rising. That's also why we so often see a layer of smog over Cape Town City on our descent of the mountain. And i find that so sweet!

So now. I breathe. I relax. I'm so looking forward to writing for pure pleasure again.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend.

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