Monday, July 5, 2010

World Cup Quarter Final

Wow what a day! We caught the train on Saturday from Fish Hoek to Cape Town to do the 'Fan Walk' which leads from the station up to the stadium – rather gung ho I might add, as some friends had told us how great it was with the atmosphere and all the stalls etc.

The train ride was reminiscent of our time in South Korea - the train being so packed even before we left Fish Hoek station – needing to stop at about 10 more stations to collect more passengers!

We arrived in Cape Town to a great atmosphere, vuvulezas blowing everywhere. Germany and Argentina were playing, so most fans were decked out in the respective colours. Thankfully we'd taken the pram for Aragorn, and the backpack for Belle.

It was an incredible experience and atmosphere, well worth the effort. Hundreds of thousands enthusiasts/supporters, many with painted faces & flags etc enjoyed the leisurely stroll past marching Cape Carnival bands, opera singers and much more. A photographers dream world!

(us having a picnic listening to opera!)
We got to the stadium to hear the roar of the kick off; then caught the free bus that runs every three minutes back to the station – EXHAUSTED I might add!

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