Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tour de France

I am passionate about cycling, and since I only discovered this a few years ago I find it refreshing that through it I can get a little of how men can watch endless golf/cricket/tennis/rugby matches! To date I have completed two Argus cycling tours – the first one whilst I was pregnant which took 7 ½ hours, and this years one which I did in 53/4 hours – so I'm getting there! I'd love to finish in the top 1000 women -so I've got something to work towards!

I am glued to the TV every night for the highlights, and am just fascinated by how these men can ride a good 5-6 hours each day, no matter what the weather and along roads crammed with people. I was shocked how many accidents occurred on the Stage One race – and how the spectators infringe on the cyclists path! And their average speed was 45km/h – gasp! I recently read Lance Armstrong's book, which I strongly recommend – an incredible journey in a fight against cancer.

Every time I cycle (or spin since I have recently taken that up) I have the same ongoing thought process in my head. Every time I cycle I realize how weak and pathetic my fitness levels are, and that if left to my own devices I would never actually get anywhere. But thanks to my riding partner (or spinning instructor) I am heartily encouraged to give it my best and to push myself...and because of their encouragement I get further in my riding/training.

Then it gets me thinking...isn't that what Christianity is like? Isn't it about how we just never can make it on our own? It's that scripture – physical training is of some value but godly training is of eternal benefit. What fascinates me is that I can chose not to respond to my partner, or to the instructor, and never push myself and never get fitter...but if I do, then I become stronger and am able to achieve so much more. See the parallel? Surely it's like that with the Spirit? And I'm not talking about hard work – I'm talking about just responding to the Spirit's prompting – call a friend, give some one a gift, play with your kids – if we respond to that surely we get fitter in Him?

Today when I was spinning I was fascinated by how much easier it was for me to spin, knowing that those cyclists (on the Tour de France) were doing a much harder day of cycling. I was actually quite comfortable in my spinning class – pleasant environement, pleasant company, all in all just dandy, because I was comparing myself to these legendary cyclists who will be riding 3,600km come rain or snow! And that made me think – we are also surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, and we can be encouraged so much especially in the western world because believing is allowed.

Food for thought huh?

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