Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good Bye to the Old, Hello to the New

This weekend just gone was a good one - I had an indulgent morning on Saturday, and chopped off all my hair - therapeutic! ( No, I didn't do it myself! I went to the hairdresser!) I was so refreshed and energized after a few hours to myself, that I decided to tackle Belle's room. Now, I'm very much an all or nothing kind of gal, so when i decided to do something,  I set my mind to it.

I took EVERYTHING out of her room - that included suitcases and trunks from under her bed and cot - yes, she had a bed and a cot in a very small room, and yes, there were two cases and two trunks (from my university days) filled with her own baby clothes and books (I'm obsessed with them - I need my own library!). Imagine it if you will! The chaos, the disorder! But no, wait, that's not all. What?! I hear you shriek? Yes, it's true - in her cupboard were two camping chairs, a cooler box, a massive tent, a gas braai and other odds and ends. Now see? I really HAD to do her room. I tell you, I feel like I have a nesting instinct kicking in! Or spring cleaning....or something!

So thankfully, Braveheart's parents now live here and have rooms to spare, so I moved all those things to their garage. Then we.....


Helping out comes so naturally to Aragorn - it's a real challenge because it's not something that King Arthur enjoys - tricky to praise one with a natural characteristic, or berate one for something he naturally isn't inclined to. My challenge is balancing both - teaching King Arthur the importance and necessity of helping, and giving Aragorn the credit he deserves.


Since Belle was born I have felt frustrated with the space I live in, and we have tried unsuccessfully for YEARS now, to find somewhere within our price range to spread our wings. I'm not sure why it matters so much to me, I think it has a lot to do with upbringing - being Zimbabweans we always had eons of space all around us, and I think I naturally expect the same. If  a British person lived in my house they would love it...but this is me we're talking about. Anyhow, I have felt a renewed portion of grace to be content with what God has given us for this season, and to trust him. The door to living somewhere else seems so firmly shut, there has to be a way to make this work more. 

Sorting Belle's room inspired Braveheart, and in his own way, he created a shelter for the bikes in the courtyard. 1 x adult bike, 2 x kids bikes, 1x scooter, 1x skateboard which had up till now lived in the entrance hall  - i know!!! Crazy huh? Oh for a garage!!!

We re-assembled Belle's bed, and she loved it! I didn't think a little girl could show so much delight, but my goodness she did! she jumped and giggled and told us it was bed time, and just enjoyed every moment of it. However, when we came to put her to bed, she wasn't as happy - she wasn't sure what this big bed thing really was, and so needless to say bedtime last night took a while! This morning though, she was ass bright as a berry though, and for the first time EVER had her own floor space to play on, and she spent a good hour juts playing on the carpet in her room - bliss!

Having two somewhat emptier areas in the house transformed me too - I had such a tangible sense of peace on Monday morning, it was odd! And it also made me think - as parents, we are so excited about the firsts - first, step, first laugh, first tooth...that we seldom stop to think about the lasts - I wasn't consciously aware that Saturday night would be Belle's last night in the cot that has held all my three children, and I find that quite heart stopping. We won't notice the last time they ask us to brush their teeth, or the last time they want that extra hug or kiss, or the last time they want us to walk them into school or hold our hand. This time? This time as parents of little precious children? It is fleeting my friend. Fleeting.

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