Sunday, July 25, 2010


I have just figured out the beauty of Picasa! Imagine my delight at discovering how EASY and SIMPLE it really is (yes, even though some of you told me took a while!). So, with finally being able to download photos off my camera onto my laptop thanks to Picasa, I shall now regale you with wonderful photo posts for a few days! - Suits my rugby-full head!

As an aside - do you know I watched some of the game today, and I got it? I looked at the markings on the field and smiled smugly to myself- I now know what the 5m line is, the dead-ball line, the function of the 10m-in line! I rock! Let's hope the book will too!

Okay, but back to business. During the recent school holidays I took the boys to the Ice Station at the Grand West Casino. Every Wednesday of the holdidays from 1030-1230 they had snow! My kids were super psyched as they had never seen/touched snow before. And the best part was that it only cost R5 for as long as you wanted! So we arrived - and I must admit I wondered why people were arriving with bags of things, adn what looked like beach toys...but it soon fell into place.

Turns out there is a competition each week, and the winner of the best snowman walks away with vouchers and a few other goodies. These moms were prepared!!!!! And the beach toys...well it turns out snow is actually quite cold, and little peoples's hands get quite cold, and South African gloves/mittens aren't really made for snow!

So let me show you what these seasoned builders can do -

And then there was us... King Arthur, Aragorn and I had made it a special date (Granny had Belle for the morning), but we had come somewhat ill-prepared. So, we attempted to make the most of it, and used our cheddars, raising, a scarf and a beanie.

King Arthur with our mound of snow

thumping it into shape

our snow fellow!

two proud, but somewhat cold, brothers!

Next year, we will got prepared! And thanks to me, you will go prepared too!!!!

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