Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another titbit!

I wanted to share this great day we had with such a simple idea - a perfect day for holidays or anytime you just need to feel like a kid again!

Tuesday rolled around and I made a point of staying at home to 'regroup' so to speak. I labelled it as a 'Topsy Turvy' Day from the moment Braveheart left for work, and we really got into the swing of things!

So...we had pudding (ice cream and meringues) for breakfast under the table, the boys wore their pyjamas the whole day (I tried and lasted until about 11!), traditional tea time at the usual fruit time (doughnuts replaced a fruit feast as a treat); they had breakfast for lunch (cereal), and lunch for dinner (tuna and sweetcorn burgers). We somehow skipped dinner! And when I gave them their meals I tried to remember to use different containers - like a cup for their doughnut and tea in a bowl etc.

 I tried to suggest bath time mid afternoon, but they were having none of it! and they also really struggled not having their usual tea time mid afternoon (they are comforted greatly by the routine of tea and a biscuit!)...but they loved wearing their day clothes after their bed time!

I think this will become a regular holiday feature in our home...will keep you posted as to how it evolves - ideas welcome!

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