Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adventures in Time...

Some friends of mine are planning a great adventure in 2012 – they're going to sail across the Atlantic as a family and make their way to the Caribbean. To say I am envious is an understatement! The more I was dwelling on this and how much I wanted their adventure to be mine, God stopped me dead in my tracks and spoke to me.

See, I've always believed that our lives are part of some large story (an epic tale if you will), that we all have a role to play and that when we do live out our lives the way we were created to, we bring glory to God and He delights in us. (echoes of Eldredge anyone?)

The things is, people probably look into my life and wish they were living my adventure – because what I am involved with is an adventure (and this was the great dawning realization!). Braveheart works with a dynamic team of people to create a kids animated TV series, Jungle Beat. This awesome and talented group of people are also birthing a brand from this TV series, and launching a mascot for SARU. Already, and we're only 5 years in, we have clothing and accessories and we are infiltrating the market in an unprecedented way for a local product. The road has not been easy, and we are not yet even at a pit stop!

But their vision doesn't just stop there. Their heart is to create wholesome media content for the world. Content that encourages and exhorts, that calls out the very best in us and leads us to be all we were created to be ... for stories to be so captivating, so solid and life changing, that people are drawn to God – because of the sheer brilliance of them. The greatest teacher of all taught so often using stories....

And so this is my adventure. This is bigger than me. It might be my husbands road … but there us a part for me in this as well. There are times we wonder if it will be our children that carry on the legacy, if our lives are just the years of plowing. Who are we to question eternity? Instead of looking at the lives other people get to live, I was just so reminded to look at this life He has chosen for me to live, and TO LIVE IT... with power and passion and energy....

What adventure are you living?

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