Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Titbits from this week

Well, sadly I might be writing posts without photos for a while, as it appears Braveheart's Mac has given up the ghost which is somewhat concerning for me, as all our photos are on it! (Don't ask why in all this time I haven't learnt to back them up, in spite of this happening to my computer a while back, but we'll just smile sweetly and hope those gifted men at data retrieval can work their magic!)

So, for this post, I ask you to use your imagination and picture what I'm going to describe!

On Monday, I ran a small craft morning for a couple of friends and their homeschooled children. I chose the letter 'P' (largely inspired by Jolanthe), and 

  • we made a parrot out of the letter 'p': we stuck feathers along the spine of the 'p', and a beak on the curve, complete with an eye.
  • I had asked each child to also bring their favourite puzzle, and the kids then all shared their puzzles
  • Then we had a break to eat some popcorn (sadly I could not come up with an appropriate juice, but as I write this - pineapple juice would have been brilliant!)
  • They then played
  • We used coloured paper clips to make a recurring pattern and then hooked them together to make a necklace (even the boys wore these!)
  • Lastly we sang a little rhyme to remember the sound the letter makes and then we walked to the nearby playground for good measure!
It went off quite well, although if I'm honest it began with less than stellar behavior from my tribe (mental note to self - don't take them to gym only to return home just when new guests are arriving!). However, that's behind us now - onwards!

p.s. the best phonics DVD I have come across is this Leap Frog one. Braveheart
is a talented animator, and he cannot fault the animation or concepts in this dvd
 - a worthy investment indeed!

LeapFrog - Letter Factory

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