Monday, July 19, 2010

A Bump and a Bruise

So yesterday I went for a ride around the peninsula - psyched because I had been spinning in the wet, cold weather, and was strongly convinced that I would surely be strong and fit and would just whip round the 52km route....aha!

Let the truth be known I did surely whip through Fish Hoek and along the coast at a very surprising speed. My I thought, this spinning training rocks! However, do not be fooled, for when I got to the 45 minute mark (the duration of a spinning class) I began to lose some steam, and I am afraid to say it went downhill from there - and I still had to get round the whole peninsula!

The highlight of the ride (apart from the beauty, which never fails to set me at peace - I forget too often how beautiful it is) was when I lost my balance in the process of unclipping my cleats. Picture this to amuse yourself - I had slowed down, I had unclipped my left foot, and then somehow (and this still eludes me) I fell onto my right knee and right wrist, and the bike fell right on top of me. All I could hear were oncoming cyclists murmuring about whether or not I was alright, and some alarm that there was also traffic approaching. Needless to say I was somewhat embarrassed, hurriedly yanked my foot out of the cleat, and stumbled to the side of the road!

I made it home... eventually, vowing never to leave it quite that long again before I cycle on the road, and then hobbled around for the rest of the day, nursing a VERY sore knee, which annoyingly enough doesn't look nearly black or blue enough to warrant my pain! And the TDF guys can ride with broken wrists and bruised collar bones - out of my league entirely!

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