Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reasons We're Homeschooling - the other ones

education is life itself. John Dewey quote at

  1. It's more about home than school (homeschooling). How is it that we have come to a place where we accept that our children, over time, identity more and more with their peer group than with their families? How is it that we accept that other adults get to influence our children with their thoughts and worldviews because they spend more time with them in their waking hours. I want my children near me in their formative years, where I can influence (yes I did say that) and shelter them (yes, I even said that). There's enough time for them to face the world. 
  2. I want a better quality of life – for my children and for myself if I'm honest. Watching my friends rushing from here to there all day every day seems like school is a junior rat race, which quite frankly, if I'm given the choice I simply don't want to be a part of it! Their kids are shattered by the end of a day, and not always pleasant to be around because they are just exhausted. I don't want someone else to get the best part of my kids day, and to have to be content with the dregs.
  3. I want my kids to have a golden childhood and to enjoy their youth. I want to be able to do 'school' on rainy wet days and enjoy the days with sunshine. I remember having a golden childhood because I was allowed to be a child... before I became a teenager. In today's world, children are forced out of innocent childhood far too early for my liking, (because of society, but enhanced by school) and thrust into adulthood earlier and earlier. That time will come – but I will guard their chidhood carefully.
  4. I believe I can give them a better, individually tailored education – my children can steam ahead when they want to, and I can go painstakingly slow whenever they need to. I can catch their passions early and fan them into flame.
  5. I want to inspire my children with a lifelong love of learning and discovery, I want to be there for their Euraka! Moments.

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