Thursday, June 17, 2010

Planks and Specks

I see this more and more around me as God opens my eyes. Somehow as Christians we have come to this place of desiring to control others and squash them into a box of conformity. God reveals something to us, for us, and because it is so awesome and life changing, we demand, nay, we command that others live their lives according to the things that God has shown us. And so if we look at Christianity today, we find unhappy people trying to be perfect, instead of a people lovingly following their own God and unashamedly trusting his leading in their life.

I love that 'they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony' and wonder if that's where the key is. It's Christ's work that sets us free – free from sin, death, condemnation - free to
be ourselves and to live to bring him glory. It is the word of our testimony that makes the world of difference. And by that I don't mean the story of how I cam to know Christ. I mean the daily re-telling of how he is changing me, transforming me, making me all he created me to be. When I share this with passion and truth, it cannot help but ignite something within us.

I am most moved by the power of God evident in other people's lives, not their words.

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