Friday, June 25, 2010

Black & White or Grey – Part II

Brennan Manning refers to it as the “Ragamuffin's Gospel” in his book by the same title. It's the grace that says so matter what you are, no matter what you've done, you are loved. And not because of ANYTHING you have done. That's the good news – no pressure people. No perfection needed. That's Christ's job. Just by accepting His love, and BEING you are loved, and accepted.

And now I get to my point. The point that for so long I have lived my life by black and white standards. The church has taught me this (the do's and don'ts, the ways to be approved/accepted), therefore 'this' becomes law. I have come to a place where I see the church is terrified of this gospel of grace – because it means they could possibly lose control of their congregations. This is the crunch - the only thing I should be doing is following Christ with my whole heart and allow him to lead me into what is right for me. Ruthless trust people. RUTHLESS TRUST. It's him and us. All the way to the grave and beyond. Just him and me.

Let me give you some examples, of black and white issues I still believe, and areas where there are shades of grey.

I believe there are shades of grey when it comes to schooling. I don't think mainstream school is for everyone, and neither to I believe homeschooling is right for everyone. I do believe that we should seek God as to what is right for each of our children. I'm choosing to start homeschooling one of mine, but I'm not yet sure about the other two. Right? Wrong? I'm completely at peace with it because I have saught (goodness what is the past tense of seek?)...and I know I can stand before God with a clear conscience.

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