Monday, June 7, 2010

A Narrow Scrape

My father had a cycling accident over the weekend, and after scans and MRI's, the neurosurgeon now thinks the accident was caused by a burst blood vessel in my dad's brain. Just God that he was riding with someone that day, and that my brother was back in Harare. Still waiting for more tests so we shall see.

What fascinated me by this process, was that when I go the call, I realized some things:

1.Is anyone really ever prepared to accept death? Do people really come to a point where they are ready to die, and loved ones ready to let go?

2.It is so easy to look at other people facing death, or those who have lost loved ones and judge them for the way in which they are handling their grief – unitl we ourselves are faced with a similar thing.

Just thoughts I am mulling over....

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