Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

It appears I am back - mump free! Has been a long four weeks, and today it all caught up with me. I am so thankful that my in-laws live near by, as they had the kids for the majority of the day, and I rested. Literally. On my glorious bed. My body has halted me - causing me to be horizontal with a racking cough and sore throat - today I just gave in. Tomorrow I shall soldier on, but for now.....the peace and quiet is exhilarating! Pity this had to happen on the first true day of summer - sigh, there had better be more round the corner!

So I'm now playing catch-up with posts - here's a few pics from LAST weekend of Aragorn's birthday and party - a Bokkie one where only one other little boy was invited!

the cake -
Cake Creations in Fishoek must be credited
with the rice paper print

the food....
note our lovely new
SPACE to have it in!

and our special visitor
(a.k.a Braveheart who almost fainted with the heat!)

and poor Belle, who had  to be quarantined!

And then this week was King Arthur's party (my boys are born a day apart, and I cannot bring myself to give them a joint party - I wouldn't if they were born 6 months apart, so it just means a lot of planning! But it is exhausting remaining up beat for each of them on their birthdays, and giving 100% at their parties. The looks on their faces tell me it is well worth it!).

the cake
All the flags round the sides were edible
again, courtesy of Cake Creations

the now 6 year old with his cousin B

the best part of his day -
the soccer match!
And now that season is done. I'm looking forward to finding the right space in my house to get writing from my heart again, and I'm looking forward to unpacking those few stubborn remaining boxes...but I think, for the next few days, I'm just going to chill!

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  1. Gosh K! So sorry to hear you not feeling 100's. I saw Belle at the mall with your inlaws - cute as a button!