Friday, October 8, 2010

Merriment and Mumps no 3!

Seriously. You'd think if my kids were going to get mumps they could have got it all at the same time - but no, this lovely disease has chosen to blindside me three weeks in a row! Seriously? I kid you not, I am not amused.
Belle before the mumps,
with her R6 crown (pocket money!).
 A true princess!

Dressed to kill!
But look at her face -
she points at it all day and
says Owee!

Going for a ride

Little Belle has a swollen left side - and this weekend is a BIG weekend for this family. Aragorn's birthday and party are tomorrow, and King Arthur's birthday is on Sunday. That means I have to quarantine my poor fever ridden, swollen daughter for tomorrow that Aragorn can have the day he has been counting down to for seemingly forever (I'm not lying - he made a sally worm when there were 62 days to go or something like that!). She's going to miss out on a party she would love...and she's clever enough to know what is going to happen. Poor thing. I cannot though, postpone this party in light of Aragorn's anticipation - nor would it be fair to guests to have her here. Sigh.

Needless to say, I am taking some strain today. I have just finished planning a treasure hunt and wrapping a few extra layers on the 'pass the parcel' parcel, and once I hit the publish button it is to bed! Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow with fresh grace and endless energy!

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  1. So sorry to hear B unwell too!! Praying it was a great day and that the boys have special birthdays! Love you loads special friend!!!! Can't wait to see photos!