Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Being on my Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was quite honestly, the best birthday I have had in years. I think it has to do with just 'being' me this year, and embracing all that I am and acknowledging all that I would like to change. Last year on this day I bolted. I ran a million miles from people and hated the day!

Birthdays have that effect on me - I love to celebrate other people's birthdays, but feel intensely uncomfortable when it comes to my birthday. But this year, I placed some boundaries around what I feel comfortable with - like no large extended in-law family dinners, and chose to do something on the day, that I love. Might sound strange to those of you who actually enjoy birthdays :)

As a family we're trying to make birthdays mean something mean something more than just presents for the kids. I love so many of the Jewish traditions, and love how they seek to speak blessing over each child on the day of their birth. With the boys this year, in the morning I told them their birth story and I prayed for them, and then at the end of the day we prayed for them and spoke into their lives what we hope for them in their future...just a small step in the right direction.

So...yesterday morning I invited a good friend to go along with me to a beach - Belle came with and we had it to ourselves! (We went to Boulders - do you Cape Townians know about the Wild Card for Cape Town? Such value for money!)

Filled my soul right up!

The afternoon was harried - the boys had had a rough day at school and so were somewhat testy...and there was to-ing and fro-ing from gymnastics....but then -

to Table Mountain we went! And we were so fortunate because it had been closed for two days prior to this because of the winds, but it calmed down sufficiently for us to enjoy it! And it was stunning - we last did this when King Arthur was about one I think, just after we'd moved here.

The kids loved it, and were  a bit in awe of the cable cars and how high we were. My goodness, I didn't anticipate the stress I would feel with my boys, running and jumping on the top of the mountain. Heebie-jeebie stuff!

And then I get to celebrate with my girl friends tomorrow morning. Sigh. A wonderful birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday my special friend - it sounded like a truly wonderful day!!! You are looking beautiful!!! I love you!!