Friday, October 22, 2010

Books On My Bedside Table

Here's what's on my table:

An Intimate War by Donve Lee.
My (previous) neighbor wrote this book, it's taken her close on 13 years - we attended the book launch last week. It is beautiful in its own way, and written really well, but it made my heart bleed. It's a tale of two people, and the way their relationship becomes a battlefield. I think it will haunt me for some time, not because there is some erotic content, but because it has made me aware or how whole my life is. Honestly. I married my high school sweetheart. I know so little of the ache and agony of people who have been in love and used one another. Or of the loneliness that single people face. It makes me ache for the lie so easily propagated in today's world that sex is meaningless and only for pleasure - and yet here is a real story, an insight into a mature woman's life and the hurt and the heartache that is evident as a result of relationships outside of the way I believe God intended them. Not only that, but her characters are set up for this war long before they meet each other because of their upbringing and the way their parents treated them - just a further revelation on the calling we have as parents. Recommended.

A Proper Pursuit - Lyn Austin
I loved Lyn Austin's Chronicles of the Kings (I'm a sucker for historical fictional Biblical novels), and took this out with interest. It was completely different...but it was a good read whilst I was in bed this week - light hearted, amusing, and well written for a Christian novelist.

  • Dinner with Mugabe by Heidi Holland
Can't say too much about this as I've only read a few chapters, but anything that can offer me an insight into this man's head will sure help!

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