Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some more House...

Priming the shelves in the playroom
(what was a storage room I gather)
- aren't you proud of me remembering to
take photos during the process?!

The finished result -
after a week of painting.
Walls left to paint...yellow or blue?
That is the question!

King Arthur getting involved -
a gun safe used to be in this corner,
go figure!

Family bathroom

Boys shared room - Aragorn's side

King Arthur's side -
some glow in the dark planets hanging around!

Our room -
space, and nothing at the end of
our bed - a first!
...and to celebrate all this space each boy is allowed to bring home two boys to play at the same time - so today is King Arthur's turn (Aragorn's next week) - and my nerves are frazzled! (and to think I'm doing this in between birthdays and parties....goodness). As I write they're trying to catch bees! And Belle won't/can't rest which is making me more frazzled....good thing I've planned a late afternoon ride to cleanse the system!

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  1. The house looks amazing, cant believe how much you have gotten done despite the circumstances.