Friday, September 24, 2010

Mooching, Mumps and Moving

Well this week has been a little different. Braveheart and I got bees in our bonnets and decided very swiftly to go on holiday. We needed some R&R, and we needed quality time with the kids too. We found a great mid week special at Montagu Springs, getting two nights for the price of three, and off we went!

We had a great time, as did the kids, and it gave me the head space we needed. The highlight was Aragorn realizing he could float with armbands, a huge breakthrough, and King Arthur spent 5 hours in the pool the one day. Swimming in heated pools makes all the difference in the world to my kids!

We got back ready to move...and Aragorn has mumps. This poor little fellow!
Check out these jowls!

He is being very brave and handling it all well. I had mumps as a kid, but none of the rest of my family has had it yet. Tis a waiting game to see if any of them succumb!

So we aim to move tomorrow, somewhat thwarted by helpers what with the mumps and the threat of sterility in adult help, so we'll see how far we get!


  1. So glad you got away! Lovely!!!

    Praying about the mumps - big hugs!! Also praying for your move - exciting but knackering! We move next weekend into temporary house!

    Love you so much and miss you sooooooo much!!!!

  2. Hope the move has gone well and that no-one else got the mumps! Hope to read you again soon. xx