Friday, September 10, 2010

Pit - stop

I am writing this from the gym, where they very kindly offer to have my kids while I work out (quite frankly the only way I manage to) (and it's an awesome kids place - I must say, they get my 100% approval which I don't give out easily!). However, today, I am here blogging, catching a few deep breaths as I am on a mission to tire my kids out.

You see, tonight we're celebrating Braveheart's birthday by going go-karting. (A really cool outing if you're looking for something different to do as a group of adults). My neighbour has kindly offered to come over to babysit, except that the last time she did, we had to come home once to settle Belle, and then Aragorn woke up sobbing for over an hour and we came home to a worn out babysitter! So my grand plan today, has been to pick them up from school and keep them as busy as I can till I feed, bath and bed them at about 6. Then I hope that they will just sleep till tomorrow morning!

The only catch is keeping up with them. Seriously. Don't laugh. See, I am a routine driven person, and even though my kids are practically 6, 4, and 2, they're in a great routine of having "quiet time" after school. Quiet Time = doing anything they like in their room as long as I can't see them or hear them (they frequently make up excuses to come and show me things/tell tales, so it works as a rule). Belle still actually naps for a good hour and half. I find Aragorn definitely needs it - the time out after a busy, social structured morning at school. King Arthur could probably do without it, but he's great company for Aragorn. So on days like today, where that time is robbed, I have to make an extra effort to keep up with them and keep them going even though they are getting crankier by the hour. It's extra love, extra patience - and I can't say I get that right all the time :(

So fingers crossed! Still hours to go!

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