Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I should have been a Sloth

Seriously. Do you know that sloths sleep on average, 18 hours a day? My day began with a sleep in till 7 (aren't I married to a honey?) and then lifting for King Arthur's class outing to the Scratch Patch. By 0830 I could not stop yawning, and then by lunch time it was all I could do to keep my eyelids from drooping. A nap was not to be sadly, as it was King Arthur's gymnastics watching day - he did brilliantly - teaching him about commitment to something is paying off!

Some background to my slothful tendencies - my nights are very broken at the moment. I need some serious solutions to snoring, as Braveheart seems to be journeying down this path. A friend suggested ear plugs, and in all fairness, I can't really seem to get them into my ears to really try. I also think I have supersonic hearing. Quit laughing, it's true! A few years ago I had terrible ear ache, and had to see an audiologist as well as the ENT, and she was very impressed with my range of hearing - apparently I hear through the bone behind my ear as well as my ear drum or something like that. (So now it makes sense my earliest memories of asking my folks to turn down the radio in the mornings, and my kids incessant requests to turn things up! Often when we watch TV it feels like it is blaring to me, yet Braveheart is quite fine.) I could be the next Bionic woman!

Okay, but enough with the bragging. The point is, I tried these things in my ear (the foam ones) and could pretty much hear everything as normal. So that doesn't really seem like it's going to do much. My solutions at the moment are to keep prodding poor Braveheart ( he seems to snore less on his side), and to sleep with a thick pillow over my head, but with summer approaching I think it's going to get a bit hot. Are any of you married to snorers? Help dear friends. Help!

(I feel i should, to Braveheart's credit, note that for the record, when I am asleep, I sleep soundly. I do not stir. I do not wake. Nay, I am dead to the world. And so it is this man that ends up getting up to the kids 9 times out of 10. Just for the record!)

Beddy byes people. Beddy byes.

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  1. LOL-I have the same problem! My only solution is to get to sleep before him, or poke and prod and get him to lie on his stomach! I think the supersonic hearing is something we "grow" when we give birth to our first child-seems I'm the only one who can hear them at night and he just snores through it all! :-)