Sunday, September 12, 2010

House - to - be Soon - to - be!

Yes, it all seems to be coming together really. We met the landlady again, had another walk around the house which seems to be even bigger and nicer than we remembered. I'm feeling very inspired and motivated to transform this house into our home...although that will be a somewhat slow transition I think!

She's agreed to let us paint the kids rooms which is a huge plus for us, and is fine for me to put in a veggie garden - planning to do raised beds - anyone done this before?

A few nights ago we attempted to bring up the themes for the boys room at dinner time. See, ever since I did Belle's room a while ago, King Arthur has been asking for a black room so he can have 'space'. Literally. He wants to make all the planets and hang them from the ceiling. And wants black walls. And a yellow cupboard. Oh yes, he's got it all worked out in his little mind.

Aragorn on the other hand, had been talking about a Lightning McQueen room. Now, the thing is, (a) we weren't very convinced he actually really wanted that (he's very easy to please), and (b) we weren't sure about the longevity of Lightning and (c) we suspected he'd really like a dinosaur themed room. Now before I go any further, bear in mind that they are sharing the room. And although I would very much like to be as talented as the people on Extreme Makeover (my favourite home decorating show) I am quite frankly not (yet) that gifted!

Aha, so we calmly told Aragorn we'd been thinking about his room, and wanted to suggest a dinosaur room. He was as chuffed as anything, but then King Arthur started sobbing. Truly. So to cut a long dinner time down into a few lines, it appears that they now both want a dinosaur room, which makes my life supremely easy. (Aragron has since whispered in my ear on numerous occasions that he would actually like a space room now- you just can't win!). If I could recount the conversation to you word for word, you would be rolling on the floor. Sadly I can't, my brain has stopped functioning! But needless to say that by the end of it, Brent and I looked  little shell shocked and just had to smile!

I guess I'm apprehensive that King Arthur will regret his decision, and that Aragorn is just trying to make everyhting smoother like he always does. Yes, the decision is ours ultimately, so I just hope we can hear their hearts!


  1. Why not make the ceiling space theme-stars and planets are after all in the sky- and the walls dinosaur terrain? Best of both worlds ;-)

  2. a brilliant idea - welcomed with open arms!