Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

A quiet weekend actually, despite being somewhat social.

Satudrday morning included spinning with the notorius Mr Richard B (not to be mistaken with Richard S whose classes I have been known to walk out of!) -my legs happened to feel like jelly after that, and although it was a 90 minute class, I gave up after 75 mins! Then proceeded to swim with my children - I was as pleased as punch to see that Belle does not associate swimming or going under in a pool at all with the fall in the lake. Then a 4 year old's birthday party.

Saturday afternoon...hmmm, don't you just hate it when you cannot for the life of you get your short term memory to co-operate?! Is it a sign of age? Nope, even after a few moments of twiddling my thumbs I still can't think of what I did.

Sunday morning I marshaled for the Camel Run - a 16km run through the heart of the deep south - through vineyards, farms, up Chappies and then along Noordhoek beach, and let me tell you, I was inspired. I was inspired by the beauty of the morning - I don't think I have been awake and dressed and outdoors by 7 am once this winter, but spring is surely here and it was BEAUTIFUL!

and the moon was just setting too!

 Now granted it was probably beautiful because of the fact that there was sunlight, and it is closer to spring, but it just felt like I should be up and about, and has made me realize training season needs to begin! I love the buzz of organised sporting events. Hmm, I wonder what I would feel if I went to a live rugby or soccer match - now there's an experiment waiting to happen! And I was inspired by the way those men and women can run. No really... I am not a runner. Never have been. But these folk, their legs just moved with such beauty! It may be something I look into this year as a cross training option (well, that's the idea anyway, let's see if it materializes into anything!).

Then a 3 year old's birthday party,

I'm not very good at taking photos at the actual events yet, but
this is Aragorn and Belle making wings to go on the wrapped umbrella
(it was a butterfly party!)

... a short lunch time nap for the littlest one (and Mom!) and then a friends 40th, where I had one of the most enlightening conversations in recent weeks - will post about that later on this week.

My posts have somewhat tumbled into a state of ''re-telling''....I'm hoping my brain will come back from la-la land so I can write intelligently about some of the things churning in my head!

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  1. nothing wrong with re-telling...and I want to hear about that convo!

    Camel Run...hmmm...maybe next year?