Sunday, February 6, 2011

On the road again....

Today was the first time in about two weeks I managed to get on the road again - and it felt good. Amazing isn't it, that when something we so take for granted is taken away from us we start to really appreciate it. Having this foot problem made me realize how crippling it must be to lose the ability to be mobile (pun intended).

The seemingly innocent inserts worked wonders - no pain in the ball of my feet, but it has compressed my feet at the top, so I'll need to cut my shoes. Small price to pay to reach my goal...34 days till race day.....


  1. Well done!!! So glad the inserts worked!!!! Not long to go!!! We're hoping to be your side of the world either before or after Christmas! Love you!

  2. ahem. i is patiently waiting for an update...and a coffee date. ;-)