Monday, February 21, 2011

Creative Co-Ops

I think I should just plain give up on the attempted apologies for my tardy posts.....ahem!

There is so much to share....but right now I shall attempt to catch you all up on some wonderful Fridays in our home.

Last year it felt like I was an honorary member of a co-op - I didn't really do much in that group as my two eldest were still in school, but this year with King Arthur 'officially' being schooled at home, we are now active participants! I've given Belle and Aragorn the day off school on Fridays, as I just didn't want them to miss out on the fun or relationships: and they're beginning to get used to the other children and form some special friends.

Each week, 5 other families join us and so far we have had fun times at someone's house, and an outing to a farm and a cheese factory - I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

This co-op kick started the year at Cm's house.
Laid back and for of creative flair -
my kids enjoyed making the flying bean bag toys the most!

Co-Op #4 (excuse blogger!) - outing to the cheese factory. My boys hated the factory
but loved the goats and playing with their friends afterwards!

Co-Op #2 - outing to a rural laid back farm in Noordhoek!
Didn't even know one existed! So lovely to let my boys see a farm
first hand - and Belle LOVED the cows!

Co op #3 at dear S's house - we made out own butter from cream,
as one would on the farm! My I learnt something I never knew how to do!
The kids highlight was making their own books about their farm visit and
eating lunch with friends.

Suffice to say, this little group really is worth its weight in gold, and the moms are awesome. Without a support network like this, homeschooling has the potential to ab a lonely and daunting road. I am SO thankful I have these women beside me on this road...

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