Thursday, February 17, 2011

Homeschool Helps

King Arthur and I are having a blast having just learnt about Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

What follows is a list of sites we have loved on the the internet - many of which have an interactive element and are just plain fun, even if your kids aren't learning about this stuff.

Hope you find it useful! - this is the Birmingham Museum site - King Arthur enjoyed the printable activities and dressing up the Roman soldier! - love the BBC and the input they give to children's education. This site is just great - again, King Arthur loves doing the archaeological dig for Roman Artifacts - we're hoping to make some food from ancient recipes here!

And I got a little carried away on Egypt!

A whole unit of work -

Love these coloring in pages -

A great site with basic elementary style info on heiroglyphics

A site with a great many links on Ancient Egypt

Great site with all the heiroglyphics linked to our alphabet with templates

excellent lapbook for slightly older children

A great general sharing site – Homeschol Share, but specifically some stuff on Egypt

 Egyptian Craft ideas: make a pyramid -

Mazes - 


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