Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Up with the birds

Yes, I'm not kidding you - do you know the birds wake up at about 0430 in the fairest Cape? And as I am embarking on a ride to the Waterfront I am up....and very bleary eyed make no mistake! I am sure, once I am on my bike and I eventually see the sun I shall enjoy it, but right now, my bed lingers in my head!

The pace of the last week leaves me feeling breathless. How is it that very once in a while everything seems to culminate in one week? I started a quilting bee to help me make the Christmas stockings I've wanted to make for years, (let's see if we get them finished this Christmas!), there's King Arthur's gym competition, my NEW sewing machine broke, lifts to Christmas concert practices for both boys, making curtains and tutoring, favorite authors in town signing books, Braveheart damaged his neck etc etc. So as a result, this poor blog has been put on the back burner!

However I assure you, I will return!

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