Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Box Day

As we near the end of this year and look ahead to prepare for the new seasons in the year to come, I recognize what a privilege it is for us to be able to choose the curriculum we want King Arthur to follow. And I deeply appreciate that choice, and the circumstances that have allowed us to do that.

So it has been a week of great anticipation - we ordered Sonlight, and started tracking the movement of our order. What amazed me was a few things - first, how incredible the customer service was - literally - I had replies within 24 hours from knowledgeable people who could walk me through things step by step, and the boxes arrived before I had even finished plotting it on the map! King Arthur, Aragorn and Belle all dived into the boxes, and their joy and delight was just wonderful. 

The kids had fun with everything -
the boxes, the wrapping, the stuff!
(excuse the expressions, I think they were
singing a song whilst pretending to
be presents!)

I had this profound sense of peace, which I found so wodnerfully reassuring. Obviously with King Arthur being at a nursery school, and all his friends going into grade one, there's a lot of school talk: uniforms, new classes, teachers etc. And over the last few weeks as I've listened to this I have questioned - what is wrong with me that none of this excites me (mainstream school), non of it makes me want it for my children? So this Box Day, this great sense of peace, affirms for me that this, this path less traveled, this is the path for me to take. 

And we are all looking forward to it.

Thank you Lord. For the privilege and the opportunity.

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  1. Indeed, it is a privilege. It is going to be such a special time for you and King Arthur. Looks like such a WONDERFUL box of goodies! Your teacher (and mom) heart must be all a-flutter!