Friday, November 12, 2010

Aragorn's Meal Of Blessing

I guess this idea came from my love of Jewish culture and tradition - I find it so rich with meaning, purpose and symbolism, something so missing in my own culture. With both my boys there has come a point where it feels they need to be released into something more, to be affirmed - and usually I have found this to be indicated by an outward display of shocking behavior that echoes an inner cry - one that says "Do you see me? Do you notice me? Am I important to you?" And our reply is  "YES! Let us show you how important you are to us."

 And so this is what has been established: we create a special meal, a meal that the child chooses. And I ask a dear graphic designer friend to put on paper all the things I feel in my spirit for the specific child. Then we sit around the table, eat, and speak those blessings over the child. King Arthur had one when he was about three and a half - and I'm sure there will be more!

It is our privilege as parents to speak blessings of identity and direction over our children - it is our duty, it is our job. It is up to us to bless them into their lives. I believe this with all my heart, and am passionate about ensuring it for my children:

Jonathan's face at coming to the table and seeing it laid and
made to look special

Aragorn chose yorkshire puddings and sausages!

he loves candles and thankfully i had some in the drawer
so whipped them out!

reading the blessing over him - and he spontaneously went around
the table hugging everyone!

this smile of pure delight made it so worth it -
i could swear he looked taller by the end of the blessing!

rainbow jelly for pudding!
 It pays to listen to the promptings we feel - I've been wanting to do this for over 6 months!

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