Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finding our Feet

This week has begun well. Aragorn began his adventure of the year this morning, and seems to be confidently ready for the newness of his school....

his initial pose

coaxing a smile out of him

King Arthur and I are figuring out what works, when to do it all, how to do it, and that overwhelming feeling from last week is firmly in check. I am confident that in a few months I will look back and laugh at this period, but for now, I am allowing myself to figure it out slowly! There are pockets of time I need to use wisely...

I must say that already I can see the power behind homeschooling: the endless time I now have with King Arthur. By that I mean the opportunity I have to speak into his life and to teach him  little nuggets of truth - time I would be hard pressed to find if he wasn't at home with me, (although I have no doubt that these moments can be made with effort if mainstreamed schooling is a choice).

And I will say this - although I found last week somewhat stressful trying to teach and have my little ones around, I also saw how powerful that time can be. There are endless opportunities to teach them to get on with one another, to share, to love, to honor each other. There are endless opportunities where I could see that my heart needed to change, times I saw how supremely selfish I was being, and how much I need Christ....but, on the other hand, it si so peaceful just having one child at home to teach!

Just an interesting observation for me who has one foot on either side of the fence!

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