Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day One Done!

Here I am at the end of the day, with a dawning realization that anyone who homeschools is a saint!

We began with a really special time as a family, talking again to King Arthur about why we believe this is the right road for us to be on, and me sharing some things that God had laid on my heart for him - he responded so well, and again, was just SO eager to get started.

The reality? A day full of challenges. Firstly, trying to meet King Arthur's expectations. I'll need to examine what mine were/are. Secondly, juggling Aragorn and Belle. To you women who do this from scratch - well I take my hat off to you all! I am so glad I made up some play dough yesterday - Belle just got stuck in, and then ahem, I had to remove the play dough from the walls!

just so cute!

Third challenge? Honoring King Arthur's heart - he didn't want anyone else to listen/look/do  'his' homeschooling books (despite me trying to explain they were for us a family!). Aragorn has just been gorgeous and as warmed my heart. All he wanted to do this morning when we started was pass all the books to King Arthur, and then watch him do homeschooling! Lucky for me, I remembered I had an old math activity book at his level, which I pulled out. And all Aragorn's done all day is Maths!

Challenge Number 4 - where does King Arthur fit in exactly? With some things, King Arthur is much more advanced than this program (like with his letter recognition) but will need a slower pace else where (like handwriting!). Despite his enthusiasm of the day, at dinner he said his day had been boring {cringe}, so there's certainly room for improvement and space for us both to grow. O Lord!

I selected just three four things to do today, and made a ladder, each rung representing one of the subjects we can cover. I let him choose the order of what we did today which was interesting too.

We also interspersed the day with fun - a picnic walk mid morning (complete with brain food!), jumping on the trampoline and an afternoon tea party, that Belle hosted for us - loved watching her use a tea pot!

As I sign off, I'm trying to hang on tightly to my 'feelings'of yesterday, and look forward to us all finding our rhythm and pace in this journey....


  1. So so proud of you my friend! Woo hoo!! The journey has started!! Like any new thing in life - it takes time to soar but you're flying!!! Love you!!!

  2. Well Done Taryn (o:
    Looks like you all did so well.
    From what I've heard it always take a while to settle into a rhythm, don't stress. You're doing a great thing

  3. it is a commitment for sure - and not for the faint of heart....and fortunately you ARE committed and you are NOT faint of heart!

    I look forward to your next post. :-)