Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Super Sunday Stroll

The weather on Sunday was glorious....so glorious i decided early on in the day to take my family on a hike...or at least a walk (I've come to realization hiking with my kids will have to wait a few years until their legs get a bit bigger!).

So off we went, and promptly froze -the sun went behind this foggy cloud, so we sat down on the path, downed some hot chocolate, ate our biscuits - all of 200 metres into our 'walk'.

Thankfully this diversion meant that time passed, the sun came out, and we went on to ahve a wonderful walk to the river and waterfalls.

I learnt something important - it actually pays to ahve the picnic at the beginning of the walk, because then they don't keep asking when they'll eat or when we'll stop. once their tums were full, they were so happy to just enjoy. It must be the first time Aragorn has ever said, "this is such a fun hike hey Mom?"!

(King Arthur's photo face!)

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